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Immigration question at candidate forum in Prince George's on same day as Obama in Silver Spring

I attended a candidate forum in Clinton, Maryland last night. I was video taping, but I was unable to capture the replies to this question since it was one of the first questions and how the candidates would answer was not yet in place prior to this, so my camera wasn't running. I took some notes, though from this Q & A:

Q. Immigration in Arizona (the questioner wanted to know their opinion of their law & applying it here)

A. Andrew Gall for U.S. Congress: more flexible labor laws, diversity is our greatest strength

A. Charles Lollar for U.S. Congress: Fix the system since we're of laws, discrimination is wrong.

A. Jim Rutledge for U.S. Senate - "Illegal" is flip-side of citizens - they shouldn't be treated equally & gangs are a problem.

A. Christopher Garnet for U.S. Senate - citizens are losing jobs, all illegals should go home

A. Sanquetta Taylor for U.S. Senate - need sustainable plan, they're not known, they're a present safety issue, they don't pay taxes

A. Daniel McAndrew for U.S. Congress - we have methods to immigrate properly, places a financial burden on us

A. Collins Baily for U.S. Congress - AZ's law is state codification of federal law; we need to follow federal law

A. Steve Demsey for U.S. Senate - "Aliens" need to be deported, need to attract true immigrants - some people have a problem with reading the bill, but he read it - it's the same as federal law

Immigration is a hot issue. It came up today when a video was released from Silver Spring:
A second-grader told First Lady Michelle Obama that President Obama "is taking everybody away that doesn't have papers."

A number of immigrants in Prince George's County did not come over the border illegally and we don't have the same problems as border states as this news article points out - many come with papers and then they expire during the process of trying to renew them. A nonpartisan study also shows that many do pay taxes. There are many facts to consider in this debate.

Videos from the candidate forum will be posted here soon.
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