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News update

I periodically update the Newsvine without updating here, so check in there from time to time if you're looking for local news. Here are the titles and short clips of the latest stories posted there:

O'Malley reaches out to blacks - baltimoresun.com
Some critics say race relations in Democratic Party are still a problem At a diversity forum yesterday at Bowie State University, Gov. Martin O'Malley told an audience that blacks and whites alike share the responsibility to ensure racial justice and opportunity for all.

Apologizing for slavery - baltimoresun.com
African-Americans in Maryland and elsewhere are seeking a formal apology for its painful legacy Germany's president apologized to the Jews for the Holocaust. Australians expressed regret for mistreating the Aborigine people.

Hedge Fund Manager Charged in Fraud - washingtonpost.com
A local hedge fund manager has been charged with defrauding scores of Maryland residents of millions of dollars after he solicited their money at free lunch seminars and hid losses with fake statements, the state attorney general's office said yesterday.

Another Murder Suspect Let Off Due to No-Show Witness - washingtonpost.com
Prince George's County prosecutors this week dropped murder charges against a Landover man, marking the 12th time in 14 months that they have dropped charges against defendants accused of homicide or other violent crimes.

Despite Montgomery controversy, county health curriculum changes fall under the radar screen
It is a little-known fact that Prince George's County has revamped its health curriculum for this school year.

Uninsured Help Sap Finances Of Hospital - washingtonpost.com
When an ambulance brought Derrick Washington to the Prince George's Hospital Center emergency room in Cheverly on an early morning in September, doctors and nurses had no idea whether he had health insurance to cover the cost of his care.They did not know that he had been release …

Shooting outside club worries residents
Residents in the Clinton area are again calling on the county to close a teenage nightclub following the Feb. 18 homicide of a 16-year-old, who was shot to death in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center after he left the club.

Adelphi residents disapprove of proposed Beltway ramp
About 100 Adelphi residents gathered Monday to protest a Beltway slip ramp being planned on Route 650, which planners said would prevent industrial vehicles from making potentially dangerous U-turns at a nearby intersection.

Police: Don't leave cars unattended
During the winter, Ellen Coe got used to warming up her car — unattended — outside of her home. Frigid, overnight temperatures would make the morning commute uncomfortable when the vehicle is cold inside.

National Harbor outdoor drinking bill in limbo for now
National Harbor patrons may have to wait awhile before they can enjoy their margaritas and mojitos outdoors because a bill that would allow them to drink outside has a good chance of being sidelined by a squabble among politicians.

Charles H. Flowers: A historical icon
Seeded on Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:36 PM EST (gazette.net)
Charles Herbert Flowers remembers how excited he was to begin his training as a pilot in the Army Air Corps in Tuskegee, Ala.

Pr. George's Official Opened Fire Unprovoked, Deliveryman Says - washingtonpost.com
Seeded on Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:32 PM EST (The Washington Post)
A senior Prince George's County homeland security official who last month shot two unarmed furniture deliverymen opened fire without provocation after angrily ordering the men to leave his home, the surviving mover said in a statement provided last night to law enforcement author …

Advocates Urge O'Malley to Back Restored Rights - washingtonpost.com
Seeded on Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:29 PM EST (The Washington Post)
Advocates seeking to expand the voting rights of convicted felons in Maryland are stepping up their efforts this year, hoping that the election of Gov. Martin O'Malley will help move bills that stalled in past years.

Armed and Dangerous - washingtonpost.com
Seeded on Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:26 PM EST (The Washington Post)
But in Jack Johnson's view, ready to serve in the county police

Politics & Policy | Maryland Officials Discuss Health Disparities Nationally, Locally - Kaisernetwork.org
Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin (D) last week criticized HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt for not addressing racial and ethnic health care disparities during his testimony on President Bush's fiscal year 2008 budget proposal and expressed disapproval for a proposed $135 million cut in funding to train minority health professionals, the Washington Examiner reports.

Walls Against Diversity Must Fall, Officials Say - washingtonpost.com
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Rep. Albert R. Wynn marked Presidents' Day yesterday at the state's oldest historically black university with a call to expand diversity in higher education.

Courtland Milloy: GPS tagging is for wild animals, not truants - sacbee.com
Let's say your teenager is a habitual truant and there is nothing you can do about it.

Tax dispute delays student housing - News
In the midst of the university's worst housing crisis in 20 years, the Prince George's County Council is holding up development of an apartment complex because of a dispute over a fee the developer would have to pay to the county, the developer said.

Also, you might be interested in this antiracism resource page.
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