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Maryland legislation affecting Prince George's Co.

Now is the time to tell your legislators what you would like to see happen during the General Assembly. Even if they're on the calendar for today, they will not be making final decisions, so you have time to call your legislators, especially on bills that are of special concern to you. Here are some specific bills for Prince George's Co.:

PG 401-09 - Tax Incentives for Green Businesses in Prince George's County - the name is the description. It's on the calendar for tomorrow, Fri., Feb. 20

PG 413-09 - Investing School Facilities Surcharges in the Area Impacted by Development - is pretty descriptive. Often the fees accessed from development don't help the area where the development occurs. Right now they are debating this bill and considering anything between 20% going to the area of the development & 80% going to the general fund to a 50-50 split. It's not expected to pass with all the fees going to the developed area. It's on the calendar for today, Thurs., Feb. 19

PG 414-09 - County Property Tax Increase Through Altering the State Homestead Tax Credit - this would increase our property taxes by 10% for two years, but some say it could be easily extended and possibly become a permanent increase. It's on the calendar for today, Thurs., Feb. 19

PG 406-09 - Promoting Small and Minority Business Ownership in Prince George's County - this encourages small and minority businesses in the county who receive certain bonds and create county-level certifications. It's on the calendar for tomorrow, Fri., Feb. 20

SB 391- Council Member - Ethics Laws Governing Campaign Contributions, Participation, and Voting - this bill allows developers to give contributions to county council members - something that was banned 16 yrs. ago.

HB 1282 - Maryland Stadium Authority - Prince George's County Soccer Stadium - this will pay for the new soccer stadium with bonds that will be repaid through taxes and other revenue that comes out of the use of the stadium, but if it doesn't happen for some reason or they leave, the taxpayers still have to pay the bonds.

PG 329-09 Prince George's County SWAT Team Activation and Deployment - Reports - this is the Calvo bill that I previously mentioned.

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