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Blog Carnival of Maryland #44

Carnival of Maryland The Blog Carnival of Maryland is hosted by Maryland Blogger Alliance of which Creating a Jubilee County is a part.

Lately I have just been posting events and announcements on this blog, so I'm not contributing a post except through a link from my "signature" at the bottom of this carnival to my personal blog. Several of the submissions to this carnival were commercial blogs with no reference to Maryland, so if you submitted a post and it's not here, that is probably why. I hope I caught all the spammers & have not posted any here. Unfortunately I was in a hurry this morning & couldn't carefully review all the submissions & I'm planning to carve pumpkins with my granddaughter this afternoon.

Local Events

Cheryl Taragin sent Rally on the River JFXtival Sure Beats Driving Original video spotlighting Baltimore's "Rally on the River." What a great way to report on an event!


The Ref presents Harford Senator Calls for Rollback of Property Assessments posted at The Political Octagon saying, "Crime because the taxpayer seems to be non-pulsed that they are paying a 30 percent, O'Malley Tax, for non-existent value on their homes."

Human Interest

Pillage Idiot submitted P.S. Your Snake is Dead saying "A fire is always serious, but if this happened to me, it would take years to live it down."

Local Politics

P. Kenneth Burns presents What The "F"? posted at Maryland Politics Today, saying, "We cannot afford to pay any more in taxes. It's time to send a message to Jack." This is an important issue for Prince Georgians.

State Politics

Bruce Robinson presents Voter Registration Numbers Are Not Reliable Indicators of Results posted at GOPinionPlus.

National Politics

Patriot Sharpshooter presents Common Sense: Elections posted at Common Sense.

Michael Swartz presents Joe the Plumber - my kind of guy posted at monoblogue.

Bruce Robinson presents . . . Fear Itself, and Absentee Ballots posted at GOPinionPlus.

OM presents The McCain Campaign posted at Insane Baltimore.


The Ridger always submits great photo entries. Today she presents It does grow on trees, October Moon, Wild Grapes, and The Greenbelt: Steppin' Out posted at The Greenbelt


Soccer Dad presents Morgan state marching band posted at Soccer Dad.


Doug Smith presents Objecting to Poor Service is not Rudeness. posted at Faster, better... saying, "A response to Oprah Winfrey and The Waiter at WaiterRant.com regarding service in restaurants."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Maryland using the carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on Blog Carnival index page.

Yours Truly,
Joyce Hussein D.

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Who are you calling a spammer?

Any reason my blog isn't included, other than it looking at politics from the Left?


I submitted in time, no?

Re: Who are you calling a spammer?

No, I wasn't calling you a spammer. I just inadvertently missed it. Sorry! It's there now. BTW, if you had read my personal post linked from my "signature" then you would see that I wouldn't leave out a post based on it being "from the Left".

Edited at 2008-10-20 03:55 am (UTC)



Now I'm happy. Thanks.

It's political season, which makes all political arguments a bit over the top, probably mine included. But I notice it doesn't even have to be about politics to be over the top. I still blame the elections. Hopefully, everyone will calm down soon. Including me.

Political Octagon, maybe the economy will improve and the values of houses will rise again, justifying our property taxes. I hope. Coming from the Left, I always search for things I don't have an answer to, like your post, because they make me think. I still don't think it should be labeled a crime that a governor taxes the people of the state (even if it is too much tax), but I agree that property taxes should reflect the recession.

Some posts, however, make me scratch my head, like the one from Common Sense: "Obama also voted for a bill that would prohibit law-abiding citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month. Without a doubt, Barack Obama has proven himself to be an enemy of the law abiding firearm owner."

Really, we need to search for a middle ground here. If you need to buy more than one gun per month for your hobby, than maybe you should just get another hobby.

I'm doing it again... Being political and confrontational. It'll be over soon, I promise.

OM (insanebaltimore.com)

Re: Thanks

I agree. The Joe-the-plumber comments and political cartoon don't make sense to me either. Obama has said that he'll lower taxes to people making under $250,000. Paying taxes is "sharing the wealth" - we're all sharing in paying for the needs of the country. There are lots of tax breaks for businesses and wealthy people so as some of them pay less taxes than middle class people in the end. The wealthy can afford to pay taxes a lot more than the poor and lower income who have less money in the first place. Where will all the money come from for the military, government employees, CIA, FBI, transportation, education, etc., etc.? Paying taxes shouldn't be looked at as a crime. People who willingly pay their fair share are being patriotic. These things will never be over. We will always have disagreements about taxes and government spending, but I wish it could be done more sensibly.
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