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Protect your vote

From TrueVoteMD:

Please protect yourself by taking a moment to check your voter registration and polling place. Go to http://www.mdelections.org/voter_registration/v2/vote_prod.php. It will just take you a minute to be sure you are registered.

If you can't find your registration, call your county elections board and ask them to check your registration for you. To find out how to call your county/local elections board, see: http://www.elections.state.md.us/about/county_boards.html or just google your county board of elections.

If you are registered print out a dated copy of your registration information and take it with you to the polls in case you are told you are not listed in the e-pollbook. If this happens to you, or you witness it happening to someone else, do the following:

1) Ask the chief judge in the polling place to call the county board of elections to find out the reason why you (or the voter) are not listed. Find out exactly what the voter needs to do to resolve the problem so their provisional ballot will be counted.

2) Ask the chief judges to document the problem in their Election Day Problems Log and review what they have written. Make sure that the full name of the voter and the time of the incident are recorded in the log, along with any explanation provided by the county elections board about the problem and whatever information was provided to the voter about how to resolve it.

3) If you are the affected voter, after voting your provisional ballot, call a voter hotline (see below) to report the incident as soon as you step outside the polling place (cell phone use is prohibited within the voting area). Be sure to report your full name and contact info, the name and address of the polling place where the incident occurred, and the time it occurred. Be prepared to leave this as a recorded message.

4) If you are not the affected voter, step outside and call the hotline as soon as the voter begins voting their provisional ballot. With the voter's permission, report the voter's full name and contact info, the name and address of the polling place where the incident occurred, the time it occurred, and your full name and contact info as a witness for follow-up. It may be possible to get legal help and/or the media there before the voter leaves the polling place.

TrueVoteMD.org is teaming up with the ACLU of Maryland's Election Protection Campaign. They will have an Election Day hotline - 1-888-496-ACLU (2258) which we will be promoting and helping to staff. They will also have Maryland voter empowerment cards in English and Spanish. Please let people in your community know about this hotline. And, if you want to get involved on Election Day or want voter empowerment cards to help distribute please contact me at KZeese@earthlink.net.

There are also national voter election hotlines: 1-866-OUR-VOTE or
1-866-MY-VOTE1 where you should also record this information.

Please forward this message to everyone you know who votes in Maryland. Let them know how they can protect their right to vote and ensure a fair election.

Kevin Zeese
Executive Director

P.S. If you are interested in election integrity issues nationally please visit www.TrueVote.US.
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