UU Mom (uu_mom) wrote in prince_georges,
UU Mom

Carnival of Maryland #37

Check it out at the Monoblogue site. There are some very interesting posts - several on history, including history that took place in Prince George's Co. There are also 2 posts on the oil problem. Michael has an interesting way of weaving all of these posts together.

Thanks, Michael! And thanks to the Maryland Blogger Alliance and our leader, Attilla, for sponsoring the Carnival of Maryland.

To keep up on Prince George's Co. news click here and Prince George's Co. bloggers here. If you'd like to help "seed" news on the newsvine or if you want to be added to the list of county bloggers, please contact me at joyce(dot)dowling(at)comcast(dot)net with the subject line: PGCares _________ and whatever you'd like - "Volunteer", "Question", "Blogger", etc.
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