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"Men who have problems dealing with difficult women"?

Prince George's Co. is known for domestic violence issues and yet I called around and could find no classes that would encourage people to voluntarily attend a class before something so bad happened that it went to court. Co-dependent situations are very common and people will not admit to having anger issues or tempers (see what happened to Keith Washington, though his anger issues weren't domestic violence, as far as we know, it's certainly an example of temper & violence).

I was thinking that these men who hit women most likely are thinking that they're doing what they can to deal with difficult women (it's the women who make them angry, right? - I mean, in their minds). So if there were free classes available in local areas with titles like "Men who have problems dealing with difficult women", they might attend and get the help they need. I spoke to social workers and domestic abuse organizations and none of them could give me any good suggestions about how to make that happen & nothing like this currently exists. As a matter of fact, I was even told that the county doesn't put money into this sort of thing (in spite of all the publicity about it).

A good idea gone to waste? Or maybe I'm deluding myself to think that men would actually go to some kind of class voluntarily, though there are classes in some churches that men attend. If you know how this could be implemented or someone who cares about the domestic violence issues in this county, please share this idea & share with us about the state of the resources in Prince George's Co. for potential offenders.
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