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Cyberbullying, LNG laws & Other politics

From the Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

ADL’s expertise on cyberbullying will be showcased on WTOP’s Talk Radio 3WT (1500 AM, 107.7 FM) on Sunday, March 9 throughout the day. ADL Executive Committee member Chris Wolf, whom MSNBC calls "a pioneer in Internet law, " and Danielle Goldberg, ADL Assistant Director, will discuss the growing problem of intentional cruelty and harm inflicted through electronic media, and ADL’s response to this online threat. Cyberbullying is believed to affect almost half of all U.S. teens.

ADL has created a cyberbullying training program for schools entitled Trickery, Trolling and Threats: Understanding and Addressing Cyberbullying—one of a broad array of pioneering training programs implemented through ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute.

The interview can also be accessed throughout the day on the WTOP website.

COMMENT: This sounds interesting, but we need to get this out to the young teens. If you are a teacher, parent, youth group leader, etc., please pass it on. I think it's a matter of critical thinking skills that we all need in this wide world we live in and is not taught in our schools. My church includes critical thinking in their curriculum, but it's hard to get kids, especially teens, to go to church. I hope our schools will use this program - maybe some of the skills can be used in real life, too.

The Prince George's Co. Civic Federation talked about several things last night: The LNG proposal for Chillum has brought up a concern for the entire county since a lack of or poor regulation could allow a facility that's potentially dangerous in anyone's neighborhood, so they're working on a bill that has HUD regulations to keep dangerous, possibly explosive things away from homes. The bills are HB 1043 & SB 993 & there will be a hearing on March 11. If you live anywhere near or know someone who lives near Chillum & Brentwood, you might want to send a letter to your legislator.

Other bills discussed were HB1041/SB33 to change our school board districts, SB654 to keep the utilities from clear cutting trees, and text amendment bills. Volunteer firefighters and the protection and responsibility of the Potomac River and Energy Buying Pools were also discussed.

If you belong to a civic association, you should ask them to join the civic federation to learn more about these kinds of issues.

The presidential race has some twists that many people might not be aware of. Since this county is majority Democrat and came out heavily for Obama, I thought this might be of interest. In some states, like Texas, Republicans can vote for Democrats & Rush Limbaugh told them to vote for Clinton. The Democratic Party has Super Delegates that were not chosen by the members, but they can decide which candidate gets on the ballot. They say they'll vote for what the people want in spite of the fact that most have declared which candidate they support and it doesn't currently match the popular vote. I think registered Democrats should let the party know that there will be consequences for not voting the way the Democrats votes have shown who the majority want for president. Leave the party? Not vote for those politicians in the next election (since many of the Super Delegates are politicians)?

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