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Avoid the ads as you view art, read news, & learn about local politics, & events

I try to "seed" the news as often as possible, because I get my news on the web. As I read, I share with you and whomever is surfing the web to learn something or find something amusing. The "seeded" news is at the newsvine and my account focuses on our county. Newsvine is a nice free web tool that you can even view by category, such as education (I've seeded 127 of these articles), politics (217), safety (87), events, and several others. Of course, they're not all recent but I try to keep them as recent as possible. If you want to see news seeded or even written by others on that forum, you can click the top links of those pages (my county categories are linked on the right side).

As we surf the net and you click on those links, you will encounter many ads. I use the Firefox browser which comes with a poppup blocker, though sometimes some seem to sneak under it. Newsvine's ads aren't very obtrusive yet; all I notice is one small banner on top and a small ad next to the article if you click on the title of the article - if you click on the arrow next to the title, it will take you right to the news site. Some sites like this one have banners that I don't see because I pay a subscription price to not see them. LiveJournal is worth the fee to me since I blog a lot here, though this particular "community" doesn't have some of the features it could have since I only have a personal paid account.

One example of obtrusive advertising is in an article that is worth sloughing through the ads to get to the photos, In photos: 'USA Washington Awakening Sculpture' (one of the photos is below if they didn't rename it or change the link - the shots of moving it are interesting - it's coming here to the National Harbor)

I do put ads on my web sites, but they barely pay for the cost of the sites, especially now with the cost of good web hosting (bad web hosting being those that have poor security, allowing viruses in, and tech support who don't know what they're doing). I'm trying to find better ways to make web sites affordable for our county nonprofits and small businesses without using ads to raise funds for their sites. Please note that when you come to a site with just some interest in it, clicking on their ad will give them support with little effort on your part. There are also ways to raise funds online without using ads, but it's generally more work.

I'm available to speak to groups about how to use the best of internet technology - I don't know it all, but no one does, because it keeps growing and changing so that no one person can possibly know it all. My concentration is on our community, though, and making it a better place, so that includes web sites for our organizations & businesses that are optimal. Here's a sample of a site I created for a local small business who is learning to edit it herself with a system that works similar to a blog - just click and write and click again.

I need to create a good design for my site that hosts the Prince George's County Bloggers' News & Views feed. I hope you consider the ads there inobtrusive and if anyone has suggestions for my new design, please let me know. It's a volunteer effort, so it may take some time to accomplish - I've first promised some fellow county activists that I'd update the Civic Associations and Organizations pages.

I'm also looking for volunteers to help update the calendar (which is web user-friendly like blogs) and other web site editing if you have the skills (skills needed vary - I can copy a page into a template that's make in a Word document). I'm also trying to put more county history on the web & could use help with Prince George's County Historical Society's site or Brandywine, Maryland's History section. The calendar I'm using on all of these sites are supposed to be searchable by zip code, but apparently the search is not working any more. Wouldn't it be nice to find all the event information for your area in one place?! The world wide web is such a wonderful resource and we can help to make it better with sites with more content and fewer ads.

Also, please let me know if you find out any neat things about the county when you're surfing the net. I found a new site this week for mothers to get advice from other mothers in their area and it includes reviews of stores and such, so I guess it's not really just for mothers or even parents, though it's starting out with that specialty. It's Mamasource. You make an account using your zip code and you will see all the resources in your area.
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