March 23rd, 2013

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Proposal to change elected Board of Education - Your opinion is requested #princegeorges #pgcounty

Our Prince George's County Delegates at the Maryland General Assembly, where the laws are made, proposed a law to study the change of our county Board of Education. The proposed legislation, HB 1107, is here (PDF), a 4-page document, that would alter the governance structure of the public schools. The County Executive is proposing an amendment that is 53-pages long (PDF here).

I have not had the time to read it all and digest the legalese as I'm not a lawyer. I doubt if most of you reading this are lawyers either. This proposed state law could affects our schools and an important aspect of our county.

You have the opportunity to email the county delegation with your opinion, but there's not much time as the session is coming to a close. Take your democratic right to at least let them know your basic opinion on how you'd like your delegate to vote on this bill. For more information without the legalese, there are several articles, County Executive Baker's statement about his amendment, key aspects of the proposal, and the Board of Education's opposition statement.

If you're in District 9, Councilman Mel Franklin has a short survey, but I can't find a public link to it. You can contact him on Facebook or Twitter or at

Please feel free to let us know how you have responded by commenting here.

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