January 7th, 2013

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Redskins loss means more than dissapointed fans #sports #princegeorges #politics

I can't find any news about what is happening today as a result of yesterday's loss. The county executives made a bet, Rushern Baker was very sure the Red Skins were going to win. Football is more than just a game as there was money coming to the county if the Redskins win as well.

WTOP reported that Constantine will get a case of Eight O'Clock Coffee, which is based in Landover, Md. if the Redskins lost. Baker also agreed to mentor in the other team's jersey if their team loses and fly the Seattle flag. Anyone in Upper Marlboro see Seattle's flag flying?

There seems to be a long history of such betting. It doesn't appear in the Redskins history, though. Howard County Executive Ken Ulman sang "Hail to the Redskins" and picked up trash, according to Fox News. County Executive Johnson made wagers on games also.

The county apparently still benefited financially during their playoffs, but that apparently has come to a halt. I also see there's a "Redskins Rule" having to do with the Presidential election that didn't apply this year.

It's a very popular game here and the majority of households would have been either watching or listening to the game. It has more repercussions than just the feelings of the fans.


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