August 31st, 2012

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

Gambling? Why not? #princegeorges #maryland

I was just informed that "in exchange for taking on the responsibility for purchasing slot machines, the casino owners will receive a 6% reduction on the 67% state casino tax."

Am I understanding this correctly?: A 6% reduction of 67% is quite a bit less than 10% and 10% of 67 is less than 7, so the tax will still be more than 60%? I really didn't realize the tax was that much. Couldn't we use that money? I wonder if the county can tax in addition to the state's tax.

I just spent a few days in Atlantic City and found it to be extremely busy for the middle of the week after school has already started. I spoke to several of the employees who seemed to love their jobs. They employ a lot of people, including a number of people in security positions - those we could see & those behind all those cameras. I've heard security could be a problem, but I saw no evidence of that there.

A friend of mine told me she went to Anne Arundel Mills' casino where it was crowded, so it looks like the market can bear more casinos. People apparently are looking for that kind of entertainment. We're in the "future-world" of more and more people spending money on entertainment. Can we stop that? Do we want to?

I don't like to gamble myself and I know some people have gambling addictions
, but aren't a lot of our residents already spending their money gambling on the lottery, online gambling, and leaving the county to spend their money at other casinos? Is there any evidence that this will increase people's gambling habits or will it just shift them to this county with high tax revenues and more jobs?

I haven't decided how I'm going to vote on the issue, so let me know why you think we should or shouldn't vote for the casino referendum. If you have some facts to share, please let us know the source of your facts. (Comments are moderated to prevent spam, but I'll review them and approve all responses to these questions that don't have links in them that go to inappropriate sites.)


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