July 9th, 2012

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

Good samaritans #campspringsmd #clintonmd #princegeorges #maryland

Some people like to complain about this county, but I don't understand it. It is full of wonderful people.

I had a flat tire today and no fewer than 8 people stopped by to ask if they could help me as I sat near a suburban area of the county between Camp Springs and Clinton. I said I had called AAA. A couple still said they could change my tire for me, but I believe I'm actually capable of that myself but as long as I pay membership for the service, I figure I'll use it. They understood and went on their way after saying some kind words to me.

People wanted to make sure I wasn't too hot in the 100+ temperatures, but I was fine sitting on the sidewalk in the shade. I didn't want to burn fossil fuel or pollute the air by idoling my car with the AC on. Yet one woman and child said they could do that for me in their car while I waited. The concept of my desire to protect the environment was lost on them, but they were trying to do what they thought was right.

A couple of people made U turns to come over to ask if I needed help. Luckily I was not kept waiting very long and the tire was quickly changed. Then I went to a gas station where they quickly patched my tire and put the spare back in my trunk and charged a very reasonable fee.

This all happened within ~20 mi. of the south part of the county in the course of only an hour.

There are many "good samaritans" here. Get to know your neighbors and appreciate the good of what we have here.

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