April 2nd, 2012

we can't teach what we don't know
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Some people think they should write the governor to ask him not to sign it since it overrides the people's will. SB 848 has passed but has not yet been signed by the governor.

The bill is entitiled "Education - Maintenance of Effort". The synopsis says, "
Authorizing a county governing body, for a specified purpose and under specified circumstances, to set a property tax rate that is higher than the rate authorized under the county's charter or to collect more property tax revenues than are authorized under the county's charter, notwithstanding any provision of the county charter that places limits on the county's property tax rate or revenues; etc."

On a search for a history of TRIM, I find this article on TRIM splits Prince George's from 2003. I also found a blog article about it entitled Overturning TRIM? Dernoga sounds the alarm. An open Yahoo Group on county politics also discusses this bill.

Do you want to pay more property taxes when more houses are being foreclosed? Yes, the county needs funds and this is said to be for education. If you know of other solutions, please comment here. The school board approved a budget and the facts contain: "How will you pay for this? Where does the money come from?" "As of January 25th, we are projecting $1.6 billion in revenues for FY2012, which is $41 million (3%) less than this year. We receive funding from four public sources – mainly the state (54%) and county (39%)." "Do you have enough revenues to cover the projected costs?"   "Unfortunately, we do not." More on the school board budget here

Our government is primarily funded by taxes of one sort or another. And would we want it another way - like private investors with their own personal interests paying for it? We have too much corporate interest in government as it is. If you know how we can cut the budget efficiently without hurting the education of the children, then I suggest you contact the Board of Education members.

Paying for what we want is complicated work, if you have another suggestion for that, maybe you should contact the governor to not sign this bill and contact the county and press about how to do that.

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