January 11th, 2012

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  • uu_mom

PGCPS contracts with current vendors #pgcounty #pgcps

There was a question on Twitter that was retweeted possibly more than once: "Where on the website can we find the information regarding current vendors who have contracts with PGCPS?"

A search led me to this PDF document of vendors.

I see that contracts include, "Contractors to maximize the use of qualified local minority business and qualified local small businesses." which is a good goal. One that I looked at had "MBE Goals" possibly referring to "local" as 40% at most and Sub-goals, which were listed as "African American" and "Women" were only 7% for the first and 10% for the second. I don't understand why the county has a problem with hiring minorities. This is a hold-back from the old racial system that is apparently still in place and why we need these goals.

As I was searching, I ran across The Superintendent's Proposed Annual Operating Budget FY 2012 in PDF (over 300 pages). Just FYI if you're interested.


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