November 11th, 2011

we can't teach what we don't know
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Hungry? Unemployed? Meat-eater? #carnivore #mdlaw #poverty

When I find out things I like to share them. This information might make some people feel uncomfortable. I'm a former vegetarian and I don't eat mammals, but I'm also a realist. These are hard times for many people.

A recent article says, "The high prices that farmers are getting for their meat, produce and
other crops are doing more than increasing supermarket bills. The price
increases mean the government is providing less food to soup kitchens
and food pantries even as more and more people line up for assistance."

This brings me to my main point which might make you feel uncomfortable: eating squirrel meat. I was recently communicating with a friend from Nigeria who was tempted to eat one of the many squirrels running around. He said they'd be a luxury in Nigeria, but he was afraid he'd be arrested as he didn't know the laws and he'd had problems in his various travels with misunderstanding the local laws. So, I did some research. I got this answer from scary squirrel world:
Yes, squirrel is a game animal in the US. Each state has it's own rules and regulations, and squirrel hunting may also be affected by local ordinances. The dates below are not set in stone and you should check with your local fish and game dept.

Maryland Squirrel Hunting Season: Gray & Eastern Fox: Sept 6 to Feb 28. Red or Piney: Sept 6 to Feb. 28.

There are also bag limits on the number of squirrels you can take during the season. I don't have that info. And needless to say, endangered or threatened species, such as the Delmarva Fox Squirrel, are excluded and can't be hunted.

Most squirrel hunters are doing it for food.
NOTE: Game always has to be thoroughly cooked or you could get sick.

A local farmer's market is trying to make food more affordable, but this might not be possible for many.

I thought someone might be interested in this. You might share this information with someone you know who could use it. I'll bet there are squirrel meat recipes online that you could share with someone who doesn't have a computer, though they can be grilled and eaten plain, if needed.

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