March 28th, 2011

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New Census Map & growth in Prince George's County

Prince Georgians often complain about increased development, but the county only grew 7.7% in the past decade according to an interactive Census map whereas most of the areas around DC grew much more. You can select your state and then mouseover your county to get the county stats. Racially, there was a big change: 34% fewer whites, 126% more Hispanics, and 10% more blacks. This has made the white and Hispanic population both at 15% while the black population is at 64%. Multiracial has also gone up 9% according to these statistics to a 2% share  and other groups (unnamed) have gone up 23%, though their "share" is still 0%.

You can put your zip code in and see what your town statistics show. As far as my town goes, they just use a very small "tract" and not the entire zip code area. I see the census tracts don't match up with the zip code areas, so I guess everyone was counted who filled out their census. One needs to slide the left upper tool to zoom in and out and clicking and dragging can change the area to view different tracts around your area.

My personal take on this is that Prince George's County is still quite multicultural, though it varies quite a bit in different areas of the county and that can affect racial disparity. This map doesn't show income levels and other stats which would be nice to see, too, though you can see various maps by going to "View More Maps". The "Occupied and Vacant Housing Units in 2010" is interesting. We've had a big increase in vacant housing in most areas of the county.

I'd like to hear what you think about this. Please post a comment.

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