January 11th, 2011

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Prince George's...another news year

According to the Baltimore Sun:
During talks between State House and Senate leaders this morning surrounding the upcoming legislative session, State Senate President Mike Miller offEred these words regarding raising taxes: Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller was far more blunt on the topic. In recent appearances he has pushed a hike to the gas tax and disparaged recent candidates who'd taken a "no new taxes" stance: "Those people aren't worth the powder you'd blow them up with," Miller said.
After the recent shooting incident in Arizona, people are blaming political rhetoric like this as the cause. It may or may not be the cause, but I don't see how it helps with the violence in our society for a predominant politician to make such a statement. Democrats like to blame Republicans, but if Democrats do it, too, it doesn't bode well for the children or the youth and young adults who hear this sort of thing.

On the brighter side of the news, it looks like our new County Executive Baker is trying to do some things to make our county better. He's proposed legislation to further restrict developer donations to political campaigns and to limit circumstances that county council members can hear developer cases. He's also trying to create a more transparent government and has developed the Prince George's County Government Accountability, Compliance, and Integrity (ACI) Task Force.

As far as the murders that you've heard in the news, the county police are trying to develop a new action plan by meeting with community groups and business leaders in all police districts this week. You may want to check with your local police station or community groups to see if they're getting police representation where you can ask questions about crime in your neighborhood or the possible future threat and what the community might do to protect themselves. Civic associations often get visits from their local police with regular reports. Are you a member of your local civic organization?

Speaking of proposed legislation and Senator Miller, the longest-term President of the Senate in Maryland history, there is news of campaign finance reform in the state that could help eliminate practices such as Miller currently uses in sending out literature to his constituents that includes, not only other incumbents, but new candidates for positions like county council. This makes it harder for new candidates to get elected who are not known as well. The Washington Post said:
Bills to end the LLC scam have passed the House of Delegates, but in the Senate, where Mr. Miller holds sway, they have failed even to receive floor consideration. However, a bipartisan commission took a useful first step in the direction of reform this week , producing a damning report that should prod any lawmaker remotely interested in governmental best practices to get serious about cleaning things up.

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