November 18th, 2010

we can't teach what we don't know
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Really exciting news for Prince George's, Maryland, & the USA!

Wind power could produce 50% of the country's electricity - it's a renewable source and it doesn't pollute.

Consider "Windmills not Oil Spills". More information about this campaign, read more here. See how to take action now.

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is promoting an offshore windmill plan that is being supported by Google. Read about Google's invovlement here.

It is a realistic renewable solution for electricity for 50% of the current U.S. electrical usage. The first stage is to advocate in Maryland for the part off of our coast that could produce 2/3 of the electricity for Maryland. They have answers to questions about the birds and other concerns. Photos of Marylanders advocating for the campaign (more to come). You can add yours - see how.

The only direct activity needed by Prince Georgians is get their power companies to offer a wind power alternative & then ask for 100% wind power for your electricity & that of your company &/or church &/or any other organization you belong to.

Then those of us who can afford it can buy electric cars, and along with other county initiatives, we can be the “greenest county in the country” as Rushern Baker, our council executive-elect says - see his blog post about it here - you can comment to his Environment, Transportation and Sustainability Subcommittee at ets[at] - all county offices should buy wind power! It's already being offered by Clean Currents, see their Green Neighborhood Challenge

What a difference this could make in our carbon footprint!

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And our new video playlists on YouTube for Candidates and Info for 2010 Election in Prince George's, MD | Prince George's County Civic Federation | Prince George's Vital News | Prince George's Education/Youth

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