September 24th, 2010

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Clean water protection for Prince George's County (CB-80)

The Clean Water Bill for Prince George's County is CB-80. More about the bill here and from Anacostia Watershed Society here. There was a meeting of the County Council on the bill on Thursday morning. No vote has been taken, but apparently some modifications were made and it will be taken up again on Tues. - in committee, convening at 9 AM and then passed on to the full council at 10 AM. It has a possibility of passing.

AWS says this bill will save the county money by asking developers to pay their fair share for clean water. It will require stormwater management on new buildings, as is done in other counties. The developers are fighting it, so people who care about our future and the environment attending would help a great deal.

If you can't attend, at least contact your council members:Collapse )

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