September 1st, 2010

we can't teach what we don't know
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DON'T VOTE YET - Early voting in Maryland, but are you sure?

There are a lot of candidates up for election this primary election. Early voting for the primary starts on Fri., Sept. 3. Be an educated voter - it's important! It could mean life or death to some; poverty or prosperity to others; and greater equality to a wider gap between the rich and poor. I have created a lot of resources, some pointing to resources created by others, so check them out before voting to be the best informed voter.

If you don't belong to a party, you CAN still vote in the primary. You can vote for your school board member.

"If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem." So please vote & do it in an educated way. People died and were tortured for your right to vote (more about that later if anyone's interested).

Candidates and Info for 2010 Election in Prince George's, MD on YouTube has a wide variety of videos for you to choose from depending on your district. I'm still in the process of putting those up. I taped all 4 NAACP candidate forums. I hope to get the county executive debate up today. Some others have requested theirs, so I may give them priority due to their interest. so if you're looking for something, let me know. I'll try to get back to those who have requests.

There are also bookmarks to web sites about elections here and news article about elections here.

Please pass it on so! Educated voters can help us create a better county.

Also check out the latest Prince George's County blogger posts and news here.

And our new video playlists on YouTube for Candidates and Info for 2010 Election in Prince George's, MD | Prince George's County Civic Federation | Prince George's Vital News | Prince George's Education/Youth

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