May 25th, 2010

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NAACP on the Census, Foreclosures, Complaints, Jobs, & Golf Tournament

In the NAACP/Prince George's County Branch in Upper Marlboro's May newsletter, they remind us about the critical need to turn in the census. I know there are census workers out there now going door-to-door.

US Census has sent out a second mailing in April to those households which did not respond. After May 1, US Census will review all responses and determine how many people to recruit to go door to door in order to increase the number of responses.

In 2000 Prince George’s County return rate was 68%, a very low percentage. To date the return rate in Prince George’s County is still 68% - that rate must increase or the county will not get its proper share of the $400 billion federal dollars which are distributed back to the states, cities, and counties BASED ON THEIR POPULATION! Those federal dollars can be used for schools, hospitals, senior citizen centers, our infrastructure and revitalization of older neighborhoods in the county.

Do your part to insure that Prince George’s County gets its fair share of the $400 billion dollars. Be sure that everyone in your household, no matter what the age, is counted and listed on the Census Questionnaire.

This information is confidential and cannot, BY LAW, be shared with any agency of the government or with any law enforcement agency in the United States. One does not have to be a US citizen to be counted. Everyone in the household must be counted. Both African Americans and Latinos are grossly undercounted every ten years — This year must be different.

We'll do better than 68% this time, but let's get 100% if we can.

The also announced a free forum:
Open to the Public
Saturday, June 19, 2010
12:00 Noon-3:00 P.M.
Surratts–Clinton Library
9400 Piscataway Road
Clinton, MD 20735

They also have a Police Misconduct or Discrimination Complaints Legal Redress Committee.

Their Youth Enterprise Council announces summer jobs for youth:
GOVERNMENT SUMMER JOBS - Apply Early! Applying for summer positions within the government is now available online. Visit & to see job listings and apply. A 'resume builder' is built into the program to store your resume for appli-cation purposes. Some clerical posi-tions/internships with the Dept. of Health & Human Services are listed on: . These positions are competitive so start completing the paper-work now. Some student employ-ment/intern programs exist within NIH (paid/unpaid):

They're celebrating Father's Day & Juneteenth with a special Golf Tournament:
Prince George’s County/Maryland Branch
Celebrating Father’s Day & Juneteenth
Thursday, June 17th
Mark Your Calendar
Join the Fun
The Lake Presidential Golf Club
Upper Marlboro, MD

See more about the NAACP's Prince George's County Chapter here.