April 7th, 2010

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Prince George's Co. Civic Federation meets Thurs. night

The Prince George's Co. Civic Federation, which normally meets on the first Thurs., had to postpone to this Thurs., April 8, due to their meeting place being closed for spring break. They meet at Kettering Middle School, which is just off of Central Ave., at 7:30 PM (see their web site for more information). You don't have to be a member to attend.

Their agenda will include information about candidates for the upcoming election, voting, and the Census. They usually have an Education report that keeps us informed about the Board of Education and bills, new laws, and funding of our schools.

Census signs are planned to be distributed to promote turning in the Census form so that everyone will be counted, which will give our area more government funding.

They Federation offers new civic organizations information about doing the work to protect and improve their neighborhoods. They also give out annual awards to those who have done outstanding work for their neighborhood and Prince George's County and are looking for nominations. If there is time, they usually have a sharing of community and county information.

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