November 12th, 2009

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Unverifiable, vulnerable voting machines might be used in 2010

We fought hard with True Vote Maryland and other organizations to get a billed passed to replace our current voting machines with new verifiable machines and it was passed in 2007 that the machines would be replaced by the 2010 election, but now the funds may be cut. Why is this important? Because if something goes wrong with our voting machines, there's no way to get a true recount - they just look at the same numbers that the machines give us again. If you want to be more certain that your vote actually is counted, the new optical scan system is what we want.

The new optical scan system will also save us money over our current voting machines as these machines need a lot of costly maintenance. If the funds are cut for that maintenance, can you imagine the lines when we have broken machines? I've worked as a judge and know how voters can get frustrated over lines and machines they don't understand. These machines will be easier to understand how they work and you'll be assured that there can be a recount due to the paper ballot.

I know we want to cut down on paper, but the truth is that there hasn't been much cutting down in any sector. Recycled paper can be used, but we often don't use it. Backups can be made, but we often don't make them enough. For our elections, we want to make sure they're honest and machines are vulnerable to tampering.

For more information, see TrueVoteMD's site.

Please call Governor O'Malley right now and tell him to keep the funding for voter verified paper ballots. Let him know the new system will save Maryland money. If the governor receives hundreds of calls on this he will reconsider and keep the funding in place. Governor O'Malley can be called at: 410.974.3901 or 1.800.811.8336.

Also, send an email to Governor O'Malley, the Comptroller, Peter Franchot, Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch. Click here to send the email now.

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