September 19th, 2009

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

SCHIP? What is it? Why do we need it? How you can help our children!

Congressman Hoyer's site asks about if we want to increase SHIP health insurance for children. Currently the vast majority say "No". If you're in Hoyer's district or know someone who is, encourage them to vote in favor of SCHIP on his site here.

SCHIP facts for the country are here.

Read what the Children's Defense Fund says about the State of America's Children and Health Care for All Children.

If we don't help children when they're young and when they are first identified as needing it, the costs can go up with more critical care needed and circumstances that will put more burden on the country. If people don't believe in insuring children, they apparently don't believe in health care for all. I hope that's not the message Rep. Hoyer is getting.