April 4th, 2009

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56th Blog Carnival of Maryland

Carnival of Maryland The Blog Carnival of Maryland is hosted by Maryland Blogger Alliance of which Creating a Jubilee County is a part.

Note: I believe the Blog Carnival of Maryland should be about Maryland and/or obviously by a Marylander, so all other submissions have been omitted. I also don't like names that start with lower case letters, sorry if it seems petty of me to capitalize them. Since categories don't always describe the post well, I'm listing the posts without categories this time.

Doug Smith presents Solomon's Island Tea Party Video, Part 1 posted at Faster, better.... This event was sponsored by the Calvert County Republicans, though I was unable to get the video to come up in my Firefox on Mac OSX 10.3.9 (I guess I need to upgrade - maybe with my tax returns).

Robert V. Sobczak presents Forever young posted at The South Florida Watershed Journal. Here's a story on Maryland's Winter Run ... a tributary to Deer Creek. Some really nice photos are included.

Ron Miller presents No Kool-Aid ? Tea, Please posted at Ron's Reflections. Ron says, "Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. There are plenty of Tea Parties planned for our region in the next several weeks. Annapolis and Washington DC are next on April 15th – Tax Day. And after you’ve had a taste of tea and your vigor is renewed, don’t forget to act. 2010 is an election year, after all." A Republican candidate gives his take on Annapolis politics during this General Assembly. I do admit that I also believe there were several non-essential proposals for spending that make no sense in this economy - many politicians on both sides are talked into some unreasonable ideas by their constituents (and campaign funders). You can see several issues that were brought to my attention in Annapolis this GA concerning Prince George's in Creating a Jubilee County.

Soccer Dad presents The colts move - 25 years ago posted at Soccer Dad. This is a little sports history: "One of the things that gets Baltimore sports fans up in arms, is the departure of the Batlimore Colts for Indianapolis 25 years ago."

OM presents I Have Too Stop! posted at Insane Baltimore. In Sun's Talk Forums there was a little irony, not to mention some racism.

Jim presents Maryland Homestead Tax Credit Application on Blueprint for Financial Prosperity posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. Some helpful advice for homeowners if you don't know about and haven't received your Homestead Tax Credit.

Michael Swartz presents No shortage of material posted at monoblogue & talks about proposed laws in General Assembly, including those by "the environmental do-gooders".

The last submissions are my own "PG" a racial matter? from Race Matters in Prince George's Co., MD & the USA. I do a regular search on racial issues in Prince George's, as a student of anti-racism, and am finding fewer posts than I used to. I hope that is a good sign. And The Ecomony is NOT that simple! posted at UU Mom.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Maryland using the carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on Blog Carnival of Maryland index page.

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