July 21st, 2008

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You can make a difference - this year more than ever!

If you've ever thought that you can't make a difference - think about this:

This year more than ever you can make a difference because you live in an area that is working together to make a change. Prince George's County is predominantly Barack Obama supporters and they are working together to help make sure people go to vote and to encourage people from other states to join us to help Obama win! What can you do?:

If you're not sold on Barack Obama yet, check out his web site to learn more about what he stands for. Besides a plan to get out of Iraq, I especially like that Obama is for campaign reform so that the election isn't all about how much money can you raise like it is now. Obama also stands for diversity and unity; our country is the most diverse country in the world but it also continues to have a problem with racism (as I've written about in this blog and post newspaper articles that continue to highlight race issues here). If anyone can unite this diverse country, Obama can do it. He also has a lot of support from overseas, which will automatically help with foreign affairs, especially when we need cooperation from ally nations. I also like his stance on faith diversity and social programs. We need to pull together, not like the current administration that thinks the military can act alone while we go about business as usual - BUT it's not business as usual since we're now in a recession and the country has a deficit that might be impossible to get rid of. (Sorry, for starting to rant there - I hope you get the point - LOTS of good reasons to support him.)

Now to DO something, start by joining the Barack Obama community site here. If you're not web-savvy or don't want to join web forums, here are some people you can phone: Hellmut Lotz in College Park 301-226-8673 or 301-704-0930, Michael Watson in Cheverly 240-603-9366, Mel Franklin in Upper Marlboro at 301-325-4642, & Tamara Davis Brown in Clinton at 301-704-0930. They can tell you about how you can help in your neighborhood. Also, don't forget to put Sept. 13 on your calendar for this walk.

Then, you can join groups in your area:Collapse )

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