July 12th, 2008

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

News and Views in Prince George's

Well, the summer doesn't seem to slow things down any more. There's a lot going on, especially with education and politics.

Civic association groups are concerned about the law suit the county has whereas an aggrievement issue could redefine the ability of citizens to be able to have a voice in zoning issues. There are some documents on the bottom of the federation's site to help educate people on the issue and there may be more there later.

There's a lot of hot crime news - the gangs are active and some of the churches and other initiatives are working to deal with these issues. Also, we have some crimes of politicians in the news as well. How do we teach our kids to stay honest when our politicians are such bad models for honesty? Crime News

There's a lot of news about Education, too - funding, scholarships, special programs, and more - some not so good, but a lot of good news, too. Education News

Other news includes stories with videos courtesy of the Maryland Gazette on fundraising for performing arts with legislators dancing; a scout project in an outdoor educational center; and swimming classes. See an array of news here.

Also, many county residents are active in helping with the Obama campaign which generates a lot of excitement. The Walk4Change in Sept. is one of many events they're working on.

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