June 6th, 2008

me working and singing
  • uu_mom

Yard Sale TODAY in Camp Springs, just ~2 mi. from AAFB

Reusing is the best form of conservation - better than recycling since it uses so little energy and resources. So check out your local yard sale and thrift stores.

I just came back from helping out at my church's yard sale set-up and there are a lot of really nice things for sale there at very low prices. I couldn't resist buying a few things myself last night (a perk of membership & volunteering). They don't officially open until 9 AM today (Sat., June 7). They're also serving lunch.

It's just a couple miles west of Andrews Air Force Base, 1/4 mi. from Allentown Rd., which is also not far from either exit 4A & 7A on the beltway in Camp Springs. Here's a link for a map and directions.