March 20th, 2008

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Ross Report from Maryland General Assembly & the Riverdale-Hyattsville Community

Delegate Justin Ross reports:


Despite a very tough economy, the House Appropriation's Committee has put forward a budget that will uphold our historic investment in public education. Namely, the House of Delegates has included $5.3 billion for public education, which represent a $183 million increase over last year. Additionally, due to some very tough negotiating on the part of the Prince George's Delegation during the special session, the budget also includes $76 million for the Geographic Cost of Education Index, which disproportionately helps Prince George's County.

Prince George's Hospital

There is good news on the Prince George's Hospital front. A bill is working its way through the legislature that will set up an independent hospital authority that will be tasked with running a "request for proposal" process to sell the entire hospital system and bring about a world class heath care system in Prince George's County. After many years of hard work and tough negotiations, the Governor, the House of Delegates, the State Senate, the County Executive, and the County Council are all on the same page.

High-Tech Cigarette Tax Stamps

I have proposed legislation (The High-Tech Tax Stamp Act) that will change the type of tobacco tax stamp that the State of Maryland uses. This may seem like an arcane tax policy; however, the State of Maryland has a serious tax evasion and counterfeiting problem with our tobacco tax stamp. According to the ATF, Maryland loses over $100 million in tobacco tax revenue and this legislation will help bring in some of that money. This additional revenue can help pay for many of the worthwhile programs and services that Maryland residents deserve.

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