March 15th, 2008

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  • uu_mom

LNG Bill Update

Supporters of the bill say it should be considered only as a county bill & not for the entire state, though it has to be done via a state law:
If you go to the Maryland General Assembly web site and look up info on House Bill 1043 (or Senate Bill 993), the amendments haven't been put up on the site yet. the original HB, calling for a 2-mile buffer between LNG facilities and residential areas etc., is still shown. But the HB and SB won't be using that. Rather, the Public Service Commission would be prohibited from from approving any liquified natural gas (LNG) facility proposed to be built (1) In a location inside an Acceptable Separation Distance, as calculated by the Blast Overpressure Safety Standard under 24 CFR 51.203, from a building or other place in which individuals work, live, or congregate, including a school, daycare center, nursing home, senior citizen building, metro station, shopping venter, recreational facility, or other residential subdivision in Prince George's County, or (2) in a location that is inconsistent with the zoning ordinances of Prince George's County under Article 28, § 8-101 of the Code.

So when supporting HB 1043, it's important to say you support it with these two amendments.

More info at here with email addresses of committee members.

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