March 3rd, 2008

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

One for parents of school-age children & other Maryland bills

So what do you think about losing your dependent care tax credit if your child doesn't do homework, is suspended for being disrespectful in school, or is absent too much? Hmmm, aren't homeschooling parents allowed to get these tax credits? Of course, if you're rich or have a child who would never do these things, then you might not care. But what of the single parents who are struggling in a community with few choices for where their child attends school & are struggling paying for child care while they work. Isn't this what the tax credit is for? There are truancy laws, which I understand they sometimes actually enforce now. We want to encourage parents to do the right thing, but how does making it harder for low-income parents to pay for things help? The bill is HB 1122 (PDF).

HB 1040 also wants to increase the drop-out age to 18 - no quitting at 16 to get a GED & a job, even if you're not college material.

There are also zoning laws that people are concerned about and WSSC "energy tax" and several other bills specifically for Prince George's Co. listed here.

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