February 27th, 2008

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

Tempers & guns don't mix

Pr. George's Ex-Official Convicted In Shooting
Washington Post

White, meanwhile, testified that Washington was combative from the moment the deliverymen arrived. White said Washington became enraged in the master bedroom, where they expected to swap the bed rails for a set that Washington said was defective. When Clark asked why the original set wasn't dismantled, Washington replied, "[Expletive], you telling me what to do in my house?" White testified.

White said Washington pushed Clark three times, prompting White to suggest that he and Clark leave. White testified that Washington said, "I know how to get you the [expletive] out of my house," and then opened fire.

Washington ran for councilperson in my district. We knew then that he had a temper. This kind of thing (and accidents with children finding guns) are the reason people want stronger gun laws. Stronger gun laws wouldn't have helped in this situation, though. Someone either needed to defuse the tension or one of his "friends" should have made sure he turned his weapon in when he was no longer on duty - and they knew he had a temper. Friends in high places don't always help you in the right way.

"It certainly demonstrates that anybody can be held accountable, no matter how high an official they may be," State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey said at a news conference outside Circuit Court in Upper Marlboro."

As you read the information about the case, it seems clear. He hasn't been sentenced, but he'll probably get at least 20 yrs. The mother of the man (only 22) who was killed seems satisfied with the verdict according to the Post. He has another trial for an incident that happened after that and only then did they finally take away his police-issued gun.

His temper may have been a sign of depression, but our society is still too slow to get someone help and if they have an official diagnosis, it can be bad for their career. It's a shame, because so many people get depressed (sometimes caused by a chemical imbalance in the body which can happen with something like Lyme disease) and it often can be satisfactorily treated with medication. Some people have a superiority complex or another problem that causes a temper - too many people need to learn to adjust their temper, but it can be learned.

He also had some very good qualities and potential - what a waste. He has two daughters who've had to live with this and will continue to. I hope some good can come out of it and some people can learn something.