January 8th, 2008

we can't teach what we don't know
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“Prince George’s Environmental Knowledge Web” project

“Prince George’s Environmental Knowledge Web” project
--Creating a database of substantive and tactical knowledge on land use, environment, and transportation to strengthen the
participation by residents of Prince George’s County in matters that impact their quality of life.


To date three lengthy interviews have been completed with Carmen Anderson. She provided charts and tutorials on zoning.
We are having the interviews transcribed, and after her editing, will be making Carmen's top notch tips available,
as part of the Knowledge Web project. We will be doing a series of interviews with activists who
have specialized knowledge in land use, environment, and so on. This info will be organized in an archive and made
available through workshops and websites.

The project is under Fred Tutman's EarthReports organization, and funded by Councilman Dernoga's office, with in-kind
contributions from other organizations and individuals. I am project officer, and am partnering with Sarah Lesher, an environmental writer
and researcher, programmer Bruce Jacobs, and students from University of Maryland.

If you have any members or officers who are interested in learning more about this project, and possibly participating,
please let me know. Contact Chip Reilly at (301) 218 3920.


Project aims


1) To broaden the number and diversity of people involved in environmental and quality of life efforts.

2) To build consensus for strategies and policies that will facilitate better implementation of community and county-wide visioning.

3) To improve the quality of participation and engagement so that citizens have access to technical information they need to understand

the environmental impact of a specific proposal.

4) To share strategies and “lessons learned” by community activists across the county so that interested citizens can most effectively focus

their participation in public decision-making.

The long-term outcome will be a more balanced discourse about the direction of the county in the future, improved messaging and outreach,

and more informed participation by residents during consideration of the impact of development proposals on fundamental issues such as clean air and water.

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