January 5th, 2008

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

Prince Georgians celebrate Obama win in Iowa

The video is now up on YouTube from the Iowa Caucus party sponsored by Women for Obama, Prince George's Co. chapter. Micah Watson is not visible in the video, but he is a member of the county Democratic Central Committee and is speaking to the participants as they watch the reports from Iowa and then their reaction to the report that Obama won. The video is only 2 mins.

There are also still photos on this page.

There were undecideds in attendance, but I think all present were pretty convinced. We discussed the issues. One person, who has a disability & traveled all the way from Richmond to attend, was interested in his views on disability issues. Health care, education, and the war in Iraq were other issues of interest. He has a position paper on each of these issues available here. If you didn't see his speech, you can see it here.

One news report:
...His supporters are being called a new breed of voters, those who pay attention to issues and not race, but does Obama have the cross-over appeal to win in New Hampshire?

"I think the country is beginning to overcome this racial issue both ways," said University Of Maryland Law Professor Larry Gibson.

Gibson believes Obama has exactly what he needs to get it done....

He says it's not the first time a black candidate has captured the majority of white votes in the country or in Maryland....