July 27th, 2007

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Historical Master Plan "Listening Session"

The county is working on its development master plans. I recently attended a county "listening session". Apparently these are not available in all regions (or, technically, "subregions"). I applaud Betty for being a good county employee to provide this service; we need more county employees like this. Here are my notes:

Historical Subregion VI Master Plan "Listening Session" mtg 7/24/07

Subregion VI - largest subdision in county - mostly, but not all rural.

Croom Rd. is only designated historic & scenic road. There was a list of roads that didn't meet the criteria last time that might be able to make the list now.

Betty Carlson-Jameson, project planner/VI (the planner for V is not having Listening Sessions)

Pre-planning - 18 mo. process starts ~Oct.

Goals, concepts & guidelines - have 6-8 mo. to write proposed plan, Planning Board approval, public hearings. After master plan is made, County Council can pass special exception laws. Our present Master Plan was made in 1993.

The bill CB18 was just passed, which was a special exception for Wilmer's Park.
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