June 2nd, 2007

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

Citizen Journalism

I accidentally posted this to my personal journal. But some reading here might be interested.

This workshop was available recently free in DC: "Introduction to Citizen Journalism" forum
sponsored by NowPublic, and led by former MNSBC chief Washington correspondent, Brock Meeks.

It said "At this forum you'll learn what citizen journalism is, how to report the
news, where to find sources, how to conduct an interview, how to deal with
your own biases, the basics of news photography, and more. This meeting will
give you the tools you need to report news in Washington, DC as a citizen
journalist. There will be ample time for questions and answers."

I think the concept is great, but in practice, I don't know how it's different from blogging. It would be nice to have an easier method of finding the good bloggers who are really reporting news in this way. If anyone's used the NowPublic site, I'd like to know if it's easier to post photos and such there - it doesn't look like it's easier to find information there. I did a search on local for "prince george's" and got these stories, but I can't give you a link to a specific search page on their site & these stories aren't all pertinent to Prince George's as far as I can see:

Maryland News

Keep your free speech: Students say no

Fire Chief Prohibits Firefighters From Taking Pictures At Fire Scenes

Ample Valor, Too Little Time For Fire Crews

Row House Fire Kills 6 In Baltimore

Could modern medicine have saved Abraham Lincoln?

Before I started using a blog, I created a web site with an area for Meeting Notes and asked civic organizations and activists to send submissions, but no one did, so all the entries there are from me (except one). This blog is an attempt to provide a forum that could be used, along with the Prince George's Bloggers roll, but it's mostly opinion instead of real news.

I do keep seeding news articles from various papers on PGCares Newsvine, including a recent story about education: "Recruiters Come Calling For Talented Minorities".