May 8th, 2007

we can't teach what we don't know
  • uu_mom

Heroes, victims, & family-worthy Prince George's

I just sent in the following letter. I've had two other letters published in the Gazette recently, Race discussions can be found at church and Investing in child care would pay off. Also see the latest news on PGCares Newsvine and comments about two recent news stories that have to do with racism on pg_race_matters.

In "County needs heros not victims", I'd like to point out some of our recent heroes and a statement that I disagree with.

We're having trouble getting the cream of the crop to serve in our county. Our council members, for the most part, are putting forth a good effort with what they have to work with. If we had better candidates for these positions, we'd vote for them, but they are not forthcoming. One reason for this is the stress vs. honest wages in the position. The best would-be candidates are making more money in other jobs around the beltway, probably with less stress.

"It is wise to remember that no one is a victim unless they allow themselves to become one." is not a true statement in spite of the cliche. If you have a car accident in northern Prince George's or even areas of DC & Montgomery Co., where the traffic is heavy and accidents happen daily, where do you think the ambulance will take you, especially if you're incapable of giving instructions? You are a victim and you didn't "ask for it". Prince George s Hospital Center has one of our best emergency centers in the area and for that reason it's worth trying to save.

As far as "heroes" goes, Prince George's Co. Civic Federation voted to honor three at its past meeting: Randy Phoebus, Pat Blakenship & Zelda Bell, & Tanya Hill. See for more information.

I'm proud to have raised my children in Prince George's Co. & I hope it'll continue to be a place for which I believe families can live.