March 8th, 2007

we can't teach what we don't know
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Political Notes for Prince George's Co. from Gazette

The URI was too long for Newsvine for this one:

Maryland School Assessments next week

Elementary and middle school children will take the Maryland School Assessments in reading and mathematics starting Tuesday and going the rest of the week.Collapse )

Truancy bill withdrawn

Del. Doyle Niemann (D-Dist.47) of Mount Rainier has withdrawn a truancy enforcement bill that would have, as a last resort, allowed court-ordered electronic tracking of students who repeatedly cut class.Collapse )

Council jumps into death penalty debate

The County Council is attempting to put its stamp on the statewide death penalty debate, submitting a county bill Tuesday that would formalize its opposition to capital punishment in Maryland.Collapse )

Williams makes debut after Largo High School brawl

Creg Williams, head of the newly formed High School Consortium, made his first major public appearance last week at an emergency meeting after a major blowup at Largo High School.Collapse )

Audit bill passes delegation

A bill requiring that Prince George’s County officials be audited annually for use of their county-issued credit cards passed through the county’s House delegation Friday.Collapse )

Franchot and Deasy meet in Suitland

State Comptroller Peter Franchot joined county Schools Superintendent John Deasy on Monday to tour Suitland Elementary School, one of the county’s newest learning facilities and part of its ‘‘Green Schools” initiative.Collapse )

New Democratic group forming in south county

Local Democratic organizations are inviting south county residents to attend a historic meeting March 29 where they will ask volunteers to join a new ‘‘District 27A Precinct Organization.”Collapse )

How to start a civic association ...

The police department’s District III Citizens Advisory Council will conduct a free session March 17 to train residents on how to start a civic association.Collapse )

See other stories on the Newsvine, such as a letter to the Washington Post about the Largo High "crisis" by a group called People for Change in Prince George's County.