March 7th, 2007

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State's black colleges seek more power - News
State officials could be gearing up for a constitutional fight over segregation within Maryland's higher education institutions, as delegates in Annapolis consider a bill aimed at empowering colleges and universities to more effectively challenge state education policymakers.

Bill to Require Audits of Prince George's Credit Cards Advances -
Abill that would require the state to audit charges made to county-issued credit cards by the Prince George's County executive and County Council members was approved by the county's House delegation last week.

Resolution would express 'regret' about slavery
ANNAPOLIS - Maryland's Senate has been asked to make a soul-baring statement of remorse about the state's slave-holding past.

David Frum's Diary on National Review Online
The Bloody Shirt Have you heard the name Deamonte Driver? Well you should, for he is about to become the bloody shirt waved in 2008 by the advocates of more goverment-provided and controlled healthcare.

Md. Comptroller Takes Green Tour Of Prince George's Schools - Going Green
SUITLAND, Md. -- Maryland's comptroller got an education Monday morning on how schools in Prince George's County are going green.

Wife says U.S. expert on Russian intelligence service was not robbed in mysterious shooting - International Herald Tribune
ADELPHI, Maryland: The wife of an expert on Russian intelligence who was shot last week challenged reports Monday that her husband had been robbed, but said she did not know if the incident was a random street crime or whether he was deliberately targeted because of his criticism …

GPS device could fight truancy
Global Positioning Systems help you find your way on the road and very soon it may also help you find your children.

Senate OKs clean cars bill
ANNAPOLIS — A bill to reduce emissions from vehicles sold in Maryland appears on its way to becoming law.

For Want of a Dentist -
Pr. George's Boy Dies After Bacteria From Tooth Spread to Brain

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