December 14th, 2006

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School Discipline Townhall Meeting Dec. 15th

School Discipline Townhall Meeting - Prince George's County Public Schools, Dec. 15th

Host: Gerron Levi, Maryland State Delegate Elect, 23A
Location: Bowie State University, Center for Learning and Technology (Room 102)
14000 Jericho Park Road, Bowie, MD View Map
When: Friday, December 15, 6:00pm
Phone: 301 801 6121

School Discipline Townhall
Teacher Retention, Student Achievement & Workforce Preparedness

Panel 1: Real Stories of Discipline              
2 Teachers, a School Bus Driver & 2 Principals

Panel 2: PGCPS Discipline Policy & Liability
Bea Tignor, Former Chair, PGC School Board                    
Oretha Bridgwater, Assistant Supt., PGCPS, Region II
Charles Buckler, Student & Alternative Progs., MSDE

Panel 3: Community Role & Response
Dr. James Dula, CEO, Prince George's Chamber of Commerce
Col. James Slade, Chairman, Community Ministries of PGC
Angela Thomas, Field Representative, AFSCME-ACE, Local 2250
Monica Williams, Legislation Chair, Council of PGC PTAs

Panel 4: Role of the Courts & the Police (Truancy)
Melanie Shaw-Geter, Associate Judge, 7th Circuit Court
Cpl. Larry Wilson, PGC Police Dept (Truancy Initiative, Bowie H S)

Come listen and ask questions, see the exhibits, learn about proposed legislation and items for possible community action on the 84 PGCPS schools in need of improvement

Student Discipline was the #1 issue cited by teachers leaving PGCPS last year.  8% of Maryland students were suspended last year (highest: Somerset County (16%) & Dorchester (15%)). Nationwide, student discipline consistently ranks among the top reasons teachers leave the profession

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Voter-verifiable paper audit trail - write letters!

A voter verifiable paper audit trail was supported by the Prince George's Co. Civic Federation and many other organizations in our state. We have a better chance of getting a bill passed now and would like to advocate for a more effective system. TrueVoteMD has a sample letter to send and more information about the issue. If tax-payer funds are spent on new computers, I think they should also be open source so that the code can be verified by independent sources that it is secure. Wouldn't it be nice to have a more reliable voting system by the 2008 Presidential election?!

I also found this article: Maryland Official Reverses Stance on E-voting Bill. Your comments on this issue are welcome.