November 21st, 2006

  • uu_mom

Michael Richards' Racial Tirade

I posted this in my personal journal, but felt compelled to post it here, too. Race is a big issue in our country and especially in this county. Pretending it's not won't make it go away.

Michael Richards 'Deeply Sorry' For Racial Tirade
from NBC4

Summary: Michael Richards says that he spewed racial
epithets during a stand-up comedy routine because he lost his cool
while being heckled and not because he's a bigot.

There's a link to the video there. It was downright maniacal. No one who's not a racist would ever say those things. Fact is that living in this racist society, we all have little racist thoughts, but nothing as creepy as that usually. I think it's unforgivable unless he goes to anti-racism training and does some community service work for the People's Institute (I took a training from them & I never had an obvious racism problem, but I learned a lot about how it works & first steps for undoing it - one of them is to speak out about things like this). He could be a model for how to reform, but he has a lot of work to do! Our country has a lot of work to do. This was just a real obvious example of that.