November 20th, 2006

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  • uu_mom

Why audit only our county?

In the Washington Post: Prince George's Taxpayers Pick Up Officials' Personal Tabs

On the one hand, I wish our Council People and other local politicians ("...Johnson spent $29 for a dinner at Hooters.") would be more thoughtful of what the press could pick up and how that would reflect on the county. On the other hand, why is the Post snooping into our county's legislators' expenses? Do they do this with every county in the metro area? I've never seen an article with an audit like this of Montgomery Co.'s expenses. "The Washington Post reviewed billing statements and other documents covering credit-card use over the past four years for officials in Prince George's...." Why?

I don't want to hear anyone using this article to point at our African-American led government since "Thomas R. Hendershot (D-New Carrollton) had the highest total: more than $61,000 over that period." and he's white.

I'd be happy to hear other opinions about it. I believe anyone can post here, though it will be screened.