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18th Carnival of Maryland

Carnival of Maryland
Welcome to the October 21, 2007 edition of Carnival of Maryland.

This is my first time hosting the carnival. Wow, 14 submissions not counting my own! As you may have noticed I've been having trouble keeping up lately. You can click my username for my personal blog uu_mom if you're curious what's going on.

For those reading this blog for the first time, see more information below about how LiveJournal differs from other blogs. This "community journal" is part of a larger project web site I've developed as part of a community service effort: Prince Georgians Care. I host this blog prince_georges where I recently posted some announcements and links to two stories: one about breaking the bottled water habit and another about paying taxes and pg_race_matters where I posted an article by a friend that was in the Washington Post after she attended the Jena 6 rally. I also host PGCares Newsvine where I "seed" local news stories; there are some interesting stories in the category of history today - you might especially be entertained by the story about the Prince George's Goatman that was in the Bowie Blade.

Here's the carnival! Don't miss the contest to win $125. (Numbers link to my comments below with links back up.):


Mark Newgent presents Katyn posted at The Main Adversary.

Human Interest

Dave Wissing presents Beware Of Magazine Subscription Renewal Scam posted at The Hedgehog Report 1

Local Politics

Brian Gill presents Sales Taxes on Services posted at Annapolis Politics. 2

David W. Keelan presents HoCo Board of Public Works posted at Howard County Maryland Blog.

streiff presents The Battle of the Planning Hour Continues posted at Red Maryland.

Zinzindor presents Taxis: DC and Montgomery posted at Leviathan Montgomery, saying, "Supporting consumer sovereignty in the market for taxicabs."

Stan Modjesky presents Woodlawn's usual gang of bigots uprising again posted at Latest entries from blogger1947.blog-city.com, saying, "Intolerance seems to be a fact of life in Woodlawn, although the target of the intolerance changes. It's ironic that people who would once have been prohibited from living here because of race are now attempting to pull up the drawbridge." 3

National Politics

Cheryl Snyder Taragin presents Good Riddance to Expansion of State Children’s Health Insurance Program posted at The Spewker


Michael@TSM presents Fall TSM Travel Writing Contest: Win $125! posted at Traveling Stories Magazine.

The Ridger presents Bees and Butterflies posted at The Greenbelt, saying, "Odd for so late in October to have flowers, bees, and butterflies - but here they are!" 4


Paul Foer presents CP's COMMENTS ABOUT GEICO'S GECKO-GET THE HECKO...get amplified...a "banner" headline posted at Capital Punishment.

Public Policy

Carter presents In Maryland, it’s Illegal to Win a Bobblehead posted at Escape from Pianosa5

State Politics

Michael Swartz presents The dog-and-pony show leaves town posted at monoblogue, saying, "Observations on the O'Malley tax increases."

Michael Swartz presents Green Fund: the color of our money becoming theirs posted at monoblogue, saying, "Another criticism of state politics. We'll see how well it goes over in your neck of the woods. :)"

My comments:
1. I appreciate Mark's community service! He includes a copy of his own personal "bill". I've seen these, but it didn't occur to me to do this, no less taking the time. Back up

2. A Prince George's Co. business owner about the disadvantages of the sales tax proposal for not just his business, but for all county service businesses and their customers. I agree. It would also be nice to find a solution besides raising sales tax altogether and use taxes that can be applied as progressive tax rates.Back up

3. Interesting history - a cousin of mine is in it! Chester Wickwire. Way to go, Chester! Sorry to hear of the lingering problems.Back up

4. Beautiful photos by this Marylander who's not a Prince Georgian, though; "Greenbelt," she told me, refers to "a greenbelt - the strip of woods in a city, specifically my home town back in Tennessee." Back up

5. Well, that's funny! I wonder what law that is.Back up

It's interesting to take a peek at what's going on in other counties and areas.

Also read about Prince George's County from the major county blogs in the Prince George's County blog feed that I set up (improved template to come).

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Maryland using the carnival submission form.
Past posts and future hosts can be found on Blog Carnival index page.

Note to LiveJournal users who might want to host a Blog Carnival: Since LJ adds br tags to the html, when using Blog Carnival's pre-coded html, all the extra spaces, p tags and closed p tags need to be removed and I removed all the comment tags, too, because I think they take up space as well. Each entry is emailed with code, which would probably be easier to copy and paste separately. I also added targets in the submission links so that each link goes to a new page (many blogs automatically do that). The pre-coded html also includes javascript which I'm pretty sure isn't allowed here, because I can't get the Maryland Blog Alliance automated blog feed to work, but there's a link from the profile page and there's a link on the side of the home page to a feed I set up on my county site, Prince Georgians Care.

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