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Secret Prince George's County for newcomers (and old)

If you're new to the county or even if you have been here for several years, you may be clueless as how to get information about what's going on in your town or how to get problems taken care of and you may not even know what the boundaries of your town are. Since most towns are not incorporated as a municipality, they have no local government or information center, leaving it up to the county as a whole.

There are over 840,000 residents in the county and according to a recent Washington Post article, "Each year, about 50,000 people move to the county, and about that many move out." That's a lot of people who need to get acquainted with our county.

There are a lot of web sites with various information about the county you should know about.

The county web site is good for finding your county legislators and where to get county permits and trash and recycling, but in many other areas it is lacking. The search results are nothing akin to Google. And a sub site titled "At its best" says it has Events & Attractions and "Real Deals" but I can't locate any there - according to Archive.org it's said "Check back again for outstanding and unique events and attractions in Prince George's County" since at least Feb. 2006! They do have links to the politicians' favored restaurants under the Dining link with links to other sites for more listings and there is a calendar in the Events side link and a few other interesting items there.

The state site about the county lists the 27 municipalities and the year it was founded and there's a link to a 2000 map of the urban areas with population over 50,000.

Prince Georgians Care, the site I created (improved design coming), has a page with a list of sites about our towns, though most of them are hosted by volunteers if they're not municipalities (and probably even if they are), so they might not be totally up-to-date. If you do a Google search, you'll get topix and a lot of other sites which generate information from a computer and no local resident is involved with them. If you know of any additional town sites or if any of those links are bad, please let me know. I'm a volunteer, too, but I will try to update the site as soon as possible. My site also offers listservs to get free stuff and give things away, a job search (over 10,000 listed), and a list of civic associations in the county - joining your local organization is the best way to learn about the area.

For more information about towns, I see that Wikipedia lists 40 census-designated places (note that these are often much smaller than the zip code area) and 17 other unincorporated places. Actually this is a good source of information about your town for most town entries.

PGParks.com is the site to go to for things to do if you have children and/or like nature or history or learning things - mostly for free. August events are here.

And a couple county sites that I find interesting, which most people aren't aware of are:

PGAtlas.com, which has many features about the county on their map, including historical aerial photos from different years. The site requires Microsoft Windows and other specific browser requirements listed there.

Real Property Search tells you who owns what property (this is for the entire state of Maryland - just choose the county and you can search by street name).

The property tax search site is down as I write this. Maybe they changed their mind about making it so public?

I hope these resources are useful. Let me know if you know of others.

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