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Historical Master Plan "Listening Session"

The county is working on its development master plans. I recently attended a county "listening session". Apparently these are not available in all regions (or, technically, "subregions"). I applaud Betty for being a good county employee to provide this service; we need more county employees like this. Here are my notes:

Historical Subregion VI Master Plan "Listening Session" mtg 7/24/07

Subregion VI - largest subdision in county - mostly, but not all rural.

Croom Rd. is only designated historic & scenic road. There was a list of roads that didn't meet the criteria last time that might be able to make the list now.

Betty Carlson-Jameson, project planner/VI (the planner for V is not having Listening Sessions)

Pre-planning - 18 mo. process starts ~Oct.

Goals, concepts & guidelines - have 6-8 mo. to write proposed plan, Planning Board approval, public hearings. After master plan is made, County Council can pass special exception laws. Our present Master Plan was made in 1993.

The bill CB18 was just passed, which was a special exception for Wilmer's Park.

Information will be on web site (not yet there).

Tax credits - Gail Rothrock & Chris Wilson (county - 10% over 5 yrs.) Grants available from Preservation MD & others.

Section 108 of Historic Preservation Act for fed. protection.

Tobacco barn restoration fund.

At this point no changes & also for environmental. This was a brainstorming session for historic homeowners. 4 preservation commissioners also attended who live in the subregion.

If there are zoning changes, there will be a sectional map amendment law.

1993 Master Plan & latest Inventory of Historic Sites available for purchase.

Consultant, ERM, did Charles Co., so they're experienced. State highway plans will be considered & drawn in the plans. Some of this may be placed on PGAtlas, but not sure of extent of technology.

Westphalia Sector Plan (small area in northwest of subregion) - some of area not planned.

Eminent domain trumps everything, ownership next, & donating easement to non-profit lasts past sale of house. Graves & archeological sites can be reviewed by county preservation office.

MNCPPC has national legacy plan to bring train through county from DC - county is opposing - it's unfunded.

Public Works has different designations for historic roads & they need to be on the plan - large old trees can be removed if not designated. One homeowner saved a large tree by speaking to Public Works.

Several master plans are being rewritten at the same time. Major insurance companies are not insuring historic sites (one owner commented).

Discussion about saving old homes was out of scope of master plan, but ideas about having designer tours like Ellicott City (designers & home improvement companies restore house for free to showcase their talents) and salvage site, like Rebuilding in Portland, Oregon could save the materials from old homes that are demolished to make inexpensive materials for other old homes while saving materials from the dump. Other notes were taken by county planning department employee.

Aquasco supply store converted to bar? - zoning enforcement issue.

There's an Agricultural Master Plan Listening Session for Subregion VI tonight. Betty Carlson-Jameson is in charge of that, too.

Betty can be reached at 301-952-3179 or betty.carlsonjameson[at]ppd.mncppc.org

Additional contacts: Lindsay Smith 301-952-4197 lindsay.smith[at]ppd.mncppc.org
Judelle Campbell 301-627-5863 judelle.campbell[at]ppd.mncppc.org

Subregion VI Study Area information (Betty's name is not there, so maybe this information is old - yes, I see updated 9/12/06 on bottom of page): http://www.mncppc.org/html/pa79.htm

Subregion V will also be developing a proposal for the new master plan. The project planner is Wendy Irminger 301-952-3572 wendy.irminger[at]ppd.mncppc.org
Subregion V http://www.mncppc.org/html/pa81.htm

COMMUNITY PLANNING DIVISION COMMUNITY PLANNER RESPONSIBILITIES for entire county (with map of planning areas, but not subregions - I couldn't find a subregion map anywhere online, though I didn't check pgatlas.com): http://www.mncppc.org/html/paglance.htm

There are Cooperative Forecasts for population & development in PDF & XLS on this page: http://www.mncppc.org/pgco/facts/facts.htm

Remember to check the Prince George's blog posts here. I've added some new ones; they're not all listed on the list of bloggers yet, though.

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