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Voting and Voting Issues in #PrinceGeorges #Maryland

I see from my statistics that people are searching on election and voting issues. Since early elections are over,  I haven't had time to post much recently, but this is very important. EVERY GOOD CITIZEN SHOULD VOTE! Let's do our best to keep it democratic with the right to be an informed voter.

Here is some useful information about the election:

Prince Georgians Care Voting Guide

WUSA's Maryland Voter's Guide 2014

WTOP's Maryland Election Guide

League of Women Voter's Guide (PDF) - includes a lot of statistics and research on candidate and issues

Parents Choice of Maryland Voter's Guide for Prince George's County

Gazette's Voter Guide - Select your district

Ballots from Your Prince George's County Poll and how to look up which polling place is yours - click on number link under either English or Spanish

List of all Questions from Maryland State Elections - statewide & scroll down for Prince George's County questions

News articles about the Election:
Prince George’s school board races could boost county executive’s influence

The Post’s endorsements for Prince George’s House and Senate elections

Incumbents in Democratic stronghold of Pr. George’s face few challengers

Maryland ballot questions can be puzzling

Highlights of ballot initiatives voters to weigh

Central Democratic Committee reverses decision regarding Board of Education endorsements

Opinion on Ballot Issues:
From Tamara Davis Brown (PDF)

PGCPS Mess Blog on the ballot issues

Question 1: AAA, American Auto Assoc. says to vote yes - see why here.

Question J: Both Sides Make Their Case on Pr. George's Term Limits

When it's done (late Tues., Nov. 4 or early Wed., Nov. 5),  you can FIND RESULTS here for the state of Maryland. Check the Facebook page for Prince George's County Elections for updates on the county election.
Note: Sometimes they have a recount or wait to count absentee and provisional ballots, so final results could extend for days or even weeks past Nov. 4, 2014.


Also check out the latest Prince George's County blogger posts and news here and specific news about the county from many sources at Newsvine.



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