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Free Dental Clinic at University of Maryland - Preregistration Day

Outdoor-line-dental-clinicMany people throughout the U.S. have no dental insurance. If you can't afford to pay for insurance, there's a very good chance you can't afford dental care. Infections in your mouth can affect vital organs and your overall health. This dental health ministry is a life-saver for hundreds each time it is held.

Among the preregistered people (about 250 of them), they were still taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. Some people were waiting before 1PM. They started to take people in the building at 2 PM today, but they predicted that the last ones would be there until 6 PM, though I don't know how because they were only calling #88 at 4:45 when it had been about an hour since they called #44 & she had not been finished yet. There were many people still waiting to be seen at 5:00. All would have to come back tomorrow & again wait on line.

Some peopatient-registrationple came with children and were told at the last minute that the children could not come in. I don't know if that information was available earlier, but it didn't seem to be known or believed by the mostly mothers who came with infants & toddlers, though they did offer to let them back in if they found a supervised place for their children to go.

Tomorrow people who were not preregistered & available to come today will be standing on a long line. They have to get there before 7 AM & may not be finished until 6 PM. Then they may have to come back Sat. morning.

Dentist, hygienists, specialists & a lot more helping out are all volunteers at this 3-day event.

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